Rayming Technology Brought Aluminum Based LED PCB to the LED Manufacturing Industry

Aluminum base LED PCB, also referred as MCPCB, has more efficient thermal transfer capability compared to rigid PCB, hence considered an ideal material for LED manufacturing. Rayming Technology started to use aluminum as base material for manufacturing LED PCB.

Rayming Technology, an LED PCB manufacturer from China making rapid progress as a premier OEM supplier for the global LED manufacturing industry, recently started using aluminum as the primary base material for the LED PCB components that they manufacture. The manufacturers said that the thermally conductive PCBs that they manufacture have been proven highly effective in LED lighting system manufacturing. During a recent press conference, the owners of the China based PCB prototyping company explained the benefits of using aluminum as the base material for LED PCB manufacturing.

“It is a laboratory proven fact that heat dissipation in aluminum base PCB or metal core PCB is far more superior to the standard PCBs. In addition to that, the dielectrics we use are at least five to ten times more thermally conductive compared to the standard FR-4 PCBs. Lower aluminum weight is another big reason why LED manufacturers around the world choose aluminum base PCB over any other type of PCB commonly available in the Chinese domestic market as well as at the global stage,” said an engineer speaking on behalf of the China based LED fast prototyping company.

“We are currently using aluminum nitride or aluminum oxide as the substrate material and we must say aluminum is a highly cost-effective material. This is the only reason we can offer aluminum PCB manufacturing services at an attractive price. The way we are moving forward, we will soon be able to bag more orders from Europe and North America,” said a sales officer of Rayming Technology while talking to the press.

According to the sales officer, Rayming Technology has now the exact capability to manufacture LED PCB base materials and adequate warehousing facility to meet the precise needs of their clients with maintaining the quality standards. The company now produces one-layer, two-layer, four-layer and six-layer aluminum PCB for the LED manufacturing industry. The sales officer said that the base material can easily be used in a wide variety of high-power LED products.

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Rayming Technology is a China based PCB prototyping company specializing in aluminum base PCB manufacturing.

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