“Josh Lobster” Is a Graphic Novel that Will Captivate the Imaginations of Young and Old Readers

Graphic novels have become an increasingly popular medium for powerful storytelling. The latest from Chris Reilly and Devon Devereaux is a great example of intriguing story conveyed through superior writing and breathtaking visuals.  Chris Reilly was the author of the celebrated graphic novels and comics, “Punch & Judy,” “The Trouble with Igor,” and “Strange Eggs.”  Devon Devereaux has provided the artwork for Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” comics, “The Littlest Bitch” and the graphic novel anthologies “Tales of Hot Rod Horror.” At the time of his death, Chris had been working on his next graphic novel, “Josh Lobster” with artist Devon Devereaux.  “Josh Lobster” tells the story of a mysterious island which is at the heart of a global crisis.

“Josh Lobster” focuses on Goose Cove, an island which is visited annually by a traveling carnival. This year, however, vampires attack the island and all the world’s sea life appears to be heading to Goose Cove. New evidence surfaces in a 20 year old unsolved murder and at the center of it all is the mystery man, Barnacle Bill. Only Josh and his sidekick Misty can uncover the island’s secrets.

Devon Devereaux has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which supporters can obtain copies of “Josh Lobster #1” before the general public. In order to make this possible, Devon has set a goal of $5,000. If reached, contributors will receive various rewards within a few weeks of the close of the campaign.  These rewards include pdf digital copies, first edition signed copies, original art, T-shirts, and signed prints. To learn more about “Josh Lobster” or to claim your rewards, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devondevereaux/josh-lobster.

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Company Name: Josh Lobster
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Country: United States
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