New eBook by world champion trainer and high performance mentality coach Leo Frincu provokes reality check on weight loss

New weight loss eBook by world champion trainer and high performance mentality coach Leo Frincu offers a different perspective on weight gain, citing weight gain is in mindset and not in food.

Los Angeles, California – 17th June, 2016 – Food is often the scapegoat when it comes to the unwanted extra pounds. But latest eBook “LEO FRINCU vs. THE NEW YORK TIMES-How Fear Controls Your Food” by leading high performance mentality coach Leo Frincu is geared to topple the conventional beliefs about weight loss by a different perspective that provokes a reality check on the myth behind weight gain.

The eBook is available to download for free.

“It’s not just any other weight loss book you find in the market today but something with a different perspective that no other fitness or weight loss article has ever told you. Through this book I am looking forward to educate people about the power of their thoughts, about the ‘real’ reason behind weight gain so that you can fix it to ensure an effective & sustaining weight loss. My book also hosts extremely useful tools to assist you in your fight against the notorious weight gain issue,” stated Frincu while announcing the launch of his new book.

Added to being a high performance mentality coach, Frincu is a world champion wrestler & motivational speaker. His coaching roster includes World champions like Romulo Barral, Diana Prazak and UFC superstar fighter Ronda Rousey. Also an author, the new eBook is the 3rd book by the Frincu.

It was 2 back-to-back articles on weight gain & weight loss published in The New York Times in May that inspired the world champion to come up with his new eBook.

“Recently, The New York Times published 2 fantastic articles on weight gain & loss issues backed by facts on why successful contestants at the popular ‘Biggest Loser’ failed to sustain the huge weight loss they attained at the contest- and it was the inspiration behind my new book. According to scientists, researchers & fitness experts, we have no control on what goes through our mouth but my years of experience in training & fitness industry has made me realize that we can actually be in control of our bodies & how we look. Our bodies, the way they are, are simply reflections of the very beliefs we have in our mindset. In fact, it’s the absence of clarity behind our actions which is accountable for the very choices that push up the pounds & is the main reason behind our bogged down performance.”

In his words, weight gain is caused by fear & emotional deficiency which one tries to cope up with overbinging. As these unmet needs are not fixed first, the usual weight-loss journeys, as pointed out by The New York Times, stay difficult & unsuccessful.

“It’s all about the mindset, weight loss is a psychological struggle and not a physical one,” Frincu’s book reveals. “Most of us are driven by some kind of fear & we load the plates to skirt the fear. We have to take to mindful eating where we would be aware of real reason & purpose of eating & what we are eating.”

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You can also buy the Kindle version of the book at Amazon for 99 cents.

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