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Buyartosh – watercolor pen brush set- artist calligraphy, markers, finetips pen set – for drawing, adult and children coloring books. Perfect gift ideas. Comfort grip. Pack of 12. Now available with a free EBOOK

Buyartosh are pleased to announce they are now offering their Watercolor Pen Brush Set on Amazon with a special celebration discounted price.

Since being launched on Amazon, the Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush set that comes in a 12 pack of amazing colors has received five-star reviews. To celebrate the success of the product, Buyartosh has decided to offer the pen brush set at a special price of $14.95 with free delivery on orders over $49. The normal retail price of the 12 watercolor pen brush set is $29.95, giving consumers a great saving.

A spokesman for Buyartosh said: “We have introduced a special price to say thank you to our customers and to make it even more affordable for new customers.”

The discounted price is for a limited time only, and a spokesman for the company has said once the promotion is over it will go back to its normal retail price.

The pen brush set is perfect for adults and children who would like to use their creative skills using a quality pen brush set.  The artistic watercolor pen brush set is safe for children to use, unlike paints, the pen brush set does not create any mess. It is ideal for Japanese and Chinese painting, drawing, calligraphy, adults and children’s coloring books.

Product Details

• Flexible Brush Tip – Soft, smooth & authentic, the 1.5 mm tip brush has been created to suit the developing child and the aspiring artist alike. The flexible brush tip is uniquely designed to provide the traditional Japanese and Chinese brush pen characteristics. The durable tip will quickly retract & retain its original shape.

• Ideal For – Japanese and Chinese painting, drawing, calligraphy, adults and children’s coloring books

• Water-based – Our brush pen is water-based ink and will provide you with the perfect result. The odorless water-based solvent facilitates smooth blending and layering of 12 amazing colors, dry in mere seconds.

• Comfort Grip – The brush pen has been professionally designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, providing all users of all ages the ability to continuously create, exhaustion free.

To learn more about the Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush Set, and to take advantage of the special discount price, please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D916EQ0

About Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush Set

The Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush Set comes in a set of 12 and makes a perfect gift for a loved one. The product comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and is safe to use by children.

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