PLS Game Mall Makes Buying Blade and Soul Gold a Matter of a Few Mouse Clicks

PLS Game Mall, a reputable online store that has its forte in selling Blade and Soul gold, recently announced that buying BNS gold has become all the more easier with the introduction of new user-friendly features.

PLS Game Mall, an online store that has become a trusted name for selling all sorts of in-game currencies, recently announced that buying Blade and Soul gold on their portal has become easier than ever before. The owners said that they have introduced a number of user-friendly features that would make online shopping all the more easier for their patrons who are particularly addicted to the Korean MMORPG, Blade and Soul. The owners maintained from now on, players can easily purchase these in-game currencies by using their community-based portal.

“We have broken down the entire process to merely a few clicks of the computer mouse. We know nobody has the time to wait in queue and therefore, we have introduced three different delivery options for our dear users. They can now use any of the three delivery options that include in-game mail delivery, auction house delivery and face-to-face delivery. Therefore, if anyone is resolute in upgrading their weapons for getting the better off their challengers, he or she can buy BNS gold almost instantly to increase their powers,” said a sales and marketing official of PLS game Mall.

The officer also informed the press that they have now introduced fast and live customer support services to troubleshoot problems in real time.

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“The customer support that we offer and the fast turnaround are perhaps the two biggest reasons why we have been in this business successfully for so many years. Now that the cheap Blade and Soul gold has been launched, we expect to see many more people joining the community,” said the managing director of PLS Game Mall.

The managing director also said that the average delivery time has now been to reduced to hardly five to ten minutes and they have started accepting payments through all the widely used gateways, including PayPal, Western Union, WeChat etc. “Buyers can also mail to us, follow us on Twitter or connect with us via Skype to get to know more about buying in-game currencies for different MMOS,” he added.

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