PLS Game Mall Began Selling Blade and Soul Gold at Attractive Prices

PLS Game Mall, a one-stop shop for MMORPG addicts, recently announced that they have started selling Blade and Soul gold at attractive prices.

PLS Game Mall, a prominent name in the world of MMORPGs and particularly within the Blade and Soul gaming communities, recently started selling Blade and Soul gold at attractive prices. The owners of the online store told the press that they lowered down the prices of these in-game currencies as they feel that every new gamer should get a fair chance to join the professional league of players and prove his game prowess.

“The Blade and Soul gold that we are offering now through our website is probably the cheapest on the internet right now. We feel that the in-game currencies should be really cheap so that everybody can afford them. We believe that the BNS gold will be helpful for serious gamers for power levelling and questing,” said a sales executive of PLS Game Mall.

PLS Game Mall is into selling in-game currencies for different types of MMORPGs, including but not limited to Blade and Soul gold. Since the much popular Korean MMO got released in Europe and Americas, the owners pulled up their efforts to bring an affordable solution to gamers in Europe and North America for easy power levelling. The site now also sells in-game currencies for different other MMORPGS, such as World of Warcraft. However, the owners maintained that the BNS gold is the most sought-after in-game currency right now.

“From our sales figures, we have made out that the most popular MMO in the west at this moment is Blade and Gold. The tremendous success of the game is partly attributable to the developers of the game and also to the gamers who have fast shifted to the new action-packed game. Our motto is to fuel the popularity of the game through cheap Blade and Soul gold and other in-game items. I believe that the community members would like the idea of buying cheap BNS gold while deriving benefits of fast customer service and delivery and a burgeoning online community,” said the CEO of PLS Game Mall. He even indicated that they might soon lower the price of currencies for other online games.

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