Inside Agetha Lee’s New Speech Platform Universal Voice

As the CEO of New York consulting firm Agetha Vision International, Agetha Lee was in her element, mingling with several business tycoons as she brought her Universal Voice to China. Nonetheless, Agetha Lee was especially eager for the comments of all international audiences.

“Universal Voice is a very magical speech show .It integrates the international speech show with Hollywood movie and Broadway stage layout. Compared to Ted, Universal Voice is more official,it focuses on the world figure transmission and conveys the very best of the political pattern. The overwhelming consensus among Universal Voice derives from the world politician and top business tycoons.” Agetha conveyed a different view, informed in part through her business ambitions.

Since the 2014, as the most potential American Trainer, Agetha made numerous trips to the worldwide, from Singapore, European countries and America in search of possible motivation for new aspiration for the entrepreneur. When she participated the seminar of IRS in Washington, she found that American government laid much more emphasis on the public inclination to some political issues. “It propels me to start up the world speech event Universal Voice, which is a high efficient way to display the political issues via political figure and let them influence the whole world thus we can strengthen the interaction between the audiences and speakers.”

The first audition show is going to be held in Shanghai, according to the Chief Director, lots of audiences are crazy about this new speech show. Agetha is very confident about the total box office.

“Shanghai is a very international cosmopolitan city, we can rarely see the foreign speech show in China .Most importantly, in the knowledge era we should pay more attention to the knowledge operation products .For example, Microsoft is highly productive than five auto companies in USA,for it is the symbol of the entire Knowledge Era .”

Agetha Lee highlights the American Entrepreneurship to the correspondent, “I will sacrifice when no one will ,I dare dream greatness when others fear it,take actions when others are still sitting on their hands, be the king of my goals and the captain of my destiny, I will not succeed immediately but absolutely and definitely .Sara Jane Ho, the nominator of the most inspiring voice and the most popular voice in Asia is the symbol of this great entrepreneurship,she is a great woman with world-wide fans, moreover,she is one of the most important teacher and friends in my life and enlightens me with her own experience ”  Sara gives Agetha incredible courage to start up this new event, In her blueprint,she plans to travel around the world with Universal Voice including Singapore, Australia,European countries and North America. Some audiences in European countries are still looking forward to that show .In Santorini Greece, Agetha shot some video clips about the audiences and will post them to the Facebook .

“Universal Voice should be more freestyle, it can be customized according to the preference of the audiences,we deeply anticipate the decent future of the Universal Voice and look forward to someday when  we can see Financial Times vs New York Times.” Agetha Lee finally demonstrates her arguments to the correspondent .

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