Veteran Jailed for Text Message

SAVANNAH, GA – 20 June, 2016 – Most people probably take texting for granted, but not one Savannah veteran. She was jailed for sending a text message.

She texted the family that abducted her son, and she ended up spending 12 days in jail for it.

How? They termed it harassment, got a phony restraining order, and called the FBI to come pick her up and take her to the Chatham County jail, in Savannah, Georgia.

They didn’t arrest her or even read the veteran her rights; they just came by her house in an unmarked, black Suburban vehicle with dark windows, and hauled her to the Chatham County Jail where she was treated like a criminal; handcuffed, shackled, locked up with felons and forced to serve 12 Days of jail time for sending a text message, and making calls in an attempt to find and speak to her missing son.

“I was shocked and disgusted, by such cold and heartless human behavior,” said Mack. “First they kidnaped my son, and then tried to take my dignity, and everything I’ve worked all my life for by having me thrown in jail.”

Her crime; loving and having unwavering concern for her only son. Love Landon Tyler.

To be exact, there were 5 counts of text messages to his Texas family members, who were, and still are, holding him captive in Stephenville, Texas; and 3 counts of calls to agencies to locate him; Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement and the missing persons hotline.

All of the calls and messages she sent were an attempt to locate her son since the family cut off all contact with Kristin after the judge gave them custody of her child.

“The very rights that I’ve fought for in the military for 20 years, were grossly violated that day,” Mack said. “It was a horrifying experience, especially being there on Mother’s Day. My life will never be the same again.”

Kristin Mack, an Air Force officer, and veteran with 20 years of military service, was extremely concerned when she had not heard from her son for several weeks following the court hearing in Stephenville, Texas that determined her son’s ill fate that put him in the arms of a cold, heartless kidnapper who had already kidnapped 3 other children.  This information was revealed to the judge in court that day before he made his final decision.

Small-town Texas politics, and bribes, were believed to have decided her son’s fate with this illegitimate family. The judge handed her boy to a man who admitted in his courtroom to at least two convictions of domestic violence, and admitted to prior accusations of child molestation and animal cruelty.  The Texas Family Code clearly states that an individual should not even have visitation if they have this type of criminal background. The coward judge surely didn’t follow the law.

Mack’s attorney, hired after her jail release, admitted that the restraining order was a violation of her rights in the first place, and was illegally signed by the judge. “I have a real problem with this,” she said. The shameful judge finally recused himself to avoid further heat for this and the custody issue, and felt pressure from Mack’s petition at 266th District Court Stephenville, Texas, Send Landon Tyler  Home.

Mack continues to fight for her son’s justice, and confirms she will never give up on him, until he is safe in her arms.

She has also written an autobiography, Powered By Love, available on Amazon, which details her inconceivable experience.  She wrote the novel to not only expose this corrupt court system, but also reveal the underlying issue of Parent Alienation that is happening to thousands of US families every day, just like her. Unfortunately this emerging issue is continually being swept under the rug because courts, attorneys and government agencies want to continue receiving exponential profits from these victims.

But her biggest hope in sharing her story is to find justice for her son, and restore her family. She remains strong and hopeful through her faith in God, and the Power of Love.

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