Wartune’s version 5.8 releases amazing new features soon

The new version 5.8 is coming. This time, Wartune is going toupdate and uploadnew features and functions in game to bring a better game experience to its players. The new features will be challenge even for the most experienced players, so we created a guide to help you.

Wartune's version 5.8 releases amazing new features soon

The first feature is the New Eudaemon: Blood Demon

Wartune Patch 5.8 has been released with the brand new Eudaemon: Blood Demon. Blood Demon is a magical Eudaemon which is not afraid to destroy its enemies. It has a high MATK but low PDEF and MDEF. One of its skills can drain from its enemies.

You can find more information about Blood Demon in Wartune’s Official Website or Wartune’s Facebook fan page. Link: www.wartune.com&https://www.facebook.com/Wartune/

Outland Contest

The Outland Contest is one of the most amazing features in version 5.8. Did you try it yet? Here’s a brief introduction about how it works. We hope it helps!

Guild Leaders can spend 500,000 Guild Wealth to enroll their Guild for the event by clicking the sign-up button in the event panel. A Guild can participate in the event the following day after signing up. The event lasts for one month.

★★★Matching Rules

① All Guilds on all servers will be matched for the first time based on the Guild Battle Rating Rankings. Guilds with the closest Guild Battle Ratings will be matched first.

② There will be 4 event rounds every day. (The number of event rounds may be adjusted in the future.) Guilds will earn points at the end of a battle. Each day following the first matching, the system will match the Guilds with the closest Guild Battle Ratings. After a month, the system will use the first matching rules to match again.

★★★Outland Crystal

① Defeat other Guilds to earn Guild Points and Outland Crystals.

② After a battle ends, Guilds will be ranked based on their Guild Points and they will receive Outland Crystals via mail.

③ Ranking rewards will be sentevery day after the event finishes.

Smelt Equipment

Smelt Equipment

Warriors can always be more powerful. Smelting equipment can help improve yourself. Smelt your equipment to boost their extra attributes!

1. Unlock Level: Unlocks after a character passes the Knighthood.

2. This feature is similar to Soul Engraving. Players can use Smelting Stones to upgrade their equipment’s Smelt level, increasing the equipment’s attribute bonuses. The higher the Smelt level, the more the attribute bonuses. (Halidom and Artifacts can receive Smelting bonuses, but Insignias and Wedding Rings cannot.)

3. Equipment Attribute Bonus: Increases the current equipment’s overall extra attributes (Enchant/Holy Forge/Gem/Soul Engraving/Refining Attributes) by a certain percent.

You can find more information about the new version on Wartune Official Website or Wartune’s Facebook fan page.

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wartune/

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