Muggy Weld Offers Premium Welding Alloys and Fluxes for Welding Aluminum Boats

Muggy Weld’s line of high quality aluminum welding alloys and fluxes makes welding aluminum boats an easier, more efficient and affordable process for welders.

Muggy Weld, a leading provider of specialty welding alloys and electrodes, offers a premium line of aluminum welding alloys and fluxes specifically designed to make aluminum boat repair a quick and easy task.

Restoring an aluminum boat through welding can be difficult. Unlike other metals, aluminum alloy doesn’t turn red when it is approaching its melting point at 1221°F. Fortunately, Super Alloy 5’s powder flux, which acts as a temperature guide to indicate when the melting point is about to be reached, cleans the metal of contaminants and allows for better bonding of the filler rod.

Super Alloy 5 is recognized as Muggy Weld’s top-selling aluminum welding rod, and can be used for all types of aluminum and white metals, including cast and sheet aluminum and diamond plate. With a melting point of 600 degrees, it flows like silver solder on thin aluminum and can bond easily even through dirt, paint, grease, and oil, creating a strong, malleable weld that can be controlled in any way without causing pinholes or porosity.

Muggy Weld has created a series of instructional videos featuring Super Alloy 5 aluminum boat welding techniques and tips, viewable at

To learn more about Muggy Weld’s Super Alloy 5, and other products used for welding aluminum, visit or call 866-684-4993.

About Muggy Weld, LLC

For over 30 years, Muggy Weld has been a leading provider of high quality welding alloys and electrodes for both beginners and industry professionals. For aluminum welding and repairs, the company has developed premium alloys and fluxes such as Super Alloy 1 and Super Alloy 5.

To find out how its products can be best used for welding aluminum, visit Muggy Weld’s website at or call 866-684-4993.

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