Dreembox announces the name of its May winners, gives motorcycles as the reward

Dreembox, an online bidding website in India gives away a KTM RC 200 and Royal Enfield Classic for Rs. 4900/- to its May winners

Dreembox.com, the recently launched online bidding website in India has announced the two winners from it’s May auction and presented them with their dream motorcycles. The first winner, Suresh made a unique bid of Rs. 4931.99 and won a Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Twinspark while the second winner Jack made a unique bid of 4895.87 and won a KTM RC 200. It all started back in March 2016, when Dreembox gave away a KTM Duke 200 to its first winner Shehin, and since then it has fulfilled dreams of its many customers.

Dreembox has proved time and time again that it is not a hoax website and earned the trust of many users by giving away several rewards to its participants. Seeing the awesome prizes received by the audiences, a number of people are already participating in India’s number one trusted online bidding website. Basically, it is a reverse auction website which allows anyone to win their dream products including cars, superbikes and holiday packages to USA, Europe, Middle East and others at a negligible cost compared to the value of the prize, such as the bike costing 1.7 lacs is sold at a price of Rs. 4931. 

The player can participate in the bidding by registering on the website and going to the product page that’ll list 5 products, each having three bid pack options. The players can choose their desired bid pack as per their choice and bid a unique price within the specified range. At the end of the auction, software will evaluate all the bids and cancel out the bids that appear more than once and from the remaining unique bids, the one with the highest unique bid will win the auction.

Dreembox assures every one of fair and honest play and also pledges to deliver the best products as promised in each game. One game will be open for a period of 7 days while offering a total of 4 cars, 8 bikes and 8 holidays every month. The main idea of the game is to make a unique bid.

Dreembox also sponsored a Mohit Chauhan show at the Phenix Market City Mall on June 2nd in Bangalore. It announced the name of its two May winners in front of an audience of 4000 people.  More information about the bidding process can be found on Facebook and a demo video on registering for the bidding game is available on YouTube.

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