Nmisr aims to become the new face of unbiased news media in Egypt

Nmisr.com is an Egypt-based news website that features Egypt news, education news, sports news, Google trends, and technology. The website commits to provide to the point and unbiased news and opinions to the people. Apart from the Egypt news, the website also provides news fromSaudi Arabia to the people.

Nmisr is led by Dr. Abdelrahman Ellithy who has started this website in Arabic back on 2009, Egypt’s official language while also registering the news website to Egyptian Electronic Media Association.The website is backed by a team of young professionals having no cultural or religious affiliation. The team is committed to present the news in a different and impartial manner without any bias to any party.

The unbiased news media is the need of the hour in the country as a number of different news media have emerged which work with a political agenda or support a particular party which ultimately results in distortion in the news reports. This is why nmisr has taken a step forward to maintain the true essence of journalism and news reporting by adopting neutrality and transparency in their way of news presentation.

Apart from the regular news from the two countries, nmisr provides useful articles on health on topics such as skin care, recipes to glowing skin, methods to treat pain in gums, side effects of wearing crocs among many others. The other categories include careers that provide the latest news on emerging careers, job opportunities, and other information, the education news that may be particularly useful for the students, sports news covering all the major sports played in the country and nearby countries.

The world section features major news from all over the world, all covered in a completely unbiased manner. The perspectives section features valuable opinion on matters that concern the society and also on the recent happenings. The car enthusiasts can check the ‘cars’ column for all the latest news related to cars while the videos section features several news videos showcasing news in many categories.

The founder of the news website believes in maintaining the true essence of the news media and that it should be used in the right manner so that the society should stay positive about it. Unlike the many other media prevalent in the country that works under the influence of the ‘powerful’, nmisr works neutrally to present the reality to the viewers. More information about the news website can be seen on nmisr.com.

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