eazyScripts Partner With Net Medical Xpress

Chicago, IL, June 20, 2016:  eazyScripts, an electronic prescription platform, announces partnership with New Mexico-based telemedicine company, Net Medical Xpress, to provide electronic prescribing services to patients remotely through telemedicine physicians who serve populations across the nation.

 “New York State has blazed the path in mandating electronic prescriptions.,  Net Medical Xpress is quickly following suit in an effort to eliminate paperwork, improve the speed of prescription transmission from doctors to pharmacies, enhance the doctor-patient interaction and quality of care at the point of treatment, and improve prescription fulfillment rates due to pricing transparency,” said Dick Govatski, CEO of Net Medical Xpress.

“eazyScripts is pleased to have won the opportunity to partner with Net Medical Xpress because the company has emerged as a full service telemedicine company with the capability to recruit, credential and support physicians across a variety of medical disciplines. eazyScripts looks forward to working with Net Medical Xpress, as it onboards an additional 1,800 clinicians, including physicians and psychiatrists, that specialize in transgender care,” said Todd Occomy, CEO of eazyScripts.

For more information, visit: http://www.eazyscripts.com/

About Net Medical Xpress

Net Medical Xpress™ provides collaborative tools for quality and secure digital consultations. Web-based Net Medical Xpress is a full service telemedicine company that provides technology, intellectual property, maintenance, call center services, radiology transfer and viewing, neurologists, and consultation data for use by hospitals, medical centers and physicians. The company has over 535 physicians under contract. Net Medical successfully completed 400,000 telemedicine cases in 2015. The company provides telemedicine programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services to mobile companies, urgent cares, hospitals, trauma centers, imaging centers, jails, nursing homes, corporate health departments and out patient medical facilities.  The company’s proprietary, web-based technology is the platform that enables medical providers to make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs.

About eazyScripts

The eazyScripts software provides telemedicine physicians with the ability to submit electronic prescriptions, check prescription fill data, secure electronic prior authorization at the touch of a button, reducing inefficiencies and errors. eazyScripts offers medication adherence options which has increased patient satisfaction.

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