Worldwide Street Art Project

I think that everyone would have more fun if they stepped outside of their comfort zone and became a street artist. With my project you don’t have to be an artist, you just have to have fun with stickers! I want to join together thousands of people all over world, both artists and non-artists, both volunteers and random addresses, in one huge art project. I want to challenge people to be creative and have fun doing something silly. Revert to your childhood, put a sticker on something you like, and take a photograph, it’s simple and fun.

My goal with my Kickstarter campaign is to raise $3,500 so I can professionally print 50 sticker designs (one thousand stickers of each design). I will then send these stickers out to 50,000 random people all over the world. I have over 200 different sticker designs created, so anything I make over my funding goal will be used to print more designs. 

Each sticker will come with instructions to put it up somewhere or on something and take a photo. It can be inside, outside, on their dog, wherever they want! Then they will send that photo to me and I will compile a book of the best photos of each design. If their photo makes it in the book, I will include their name and location and send them a free copy of the book. 

This first phase is just to get the stickers printed and sent out, both to people who request them and to random address to mix things up. I hope to start another campaign after this project is completed that will help me create and publish the actual book. 

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