Babies Sleeping Faster & Better With Latest Baby Sleep App’s Unique Bouzouki White Sound

New baby sleep app Instant Baby Sleep is successfully making babies sleep faster and better with its unique bouzouki white sound and many other high quality white noise sounds

Izmir, Turkey, 20th June 2016: Every new parent struggles to put the baby off to sleep and sleepless nights are not uncommon for moms & dads. But not anymore- latest baby sleep app Instant Baby Sleep has got babies sleeping faster & peacefully with exceptional quality white noise sounds like the unique bouzouki sound. With the baby sleeping sound, it gets easier for the parents to enjoy their good-night sleep as well.

Something exclusive for a baby app in the market, the bouzouki with white noise for baby sleep in Instant Baby Sleep has been developed in collaboration with a pro bouzouki musician.

Developed by Batuhan Gundogdu, this leading category iOS app has been downloaded wide and also earned rave reviews from parents in China, US, South Korea, Brazil, UK and is now geared to help the parents worldwide. It comes with a premium application and premium sound package boasting a series of incredible quality baby sleeping sounds. A free version of the app is available as well.

“White noise is any day the best maxim to put babies off to sleep and thus we have backed our new app with best quality and wide variety of white noise sounds. Babies are fond of white noise as it helps them feel at home. It creates a comfortable feeling for the little ones, emulating the deafeningly loud womb sound for baby sleep. Outside the mom’s womb, it’s uncomfortably quiet for a new-born baby and hence it’s always a trouble to put them off to sleep. But our new app, especially with its premium bouzouki white sound, assures a faster and relaxing sleep for the babies, much to the delight of parents”, stated a leading spokesperson from Gundogdu’s team.

White noise has always proved to be great for new-born babies. It works to reduce stress level in little ones, help them to cry less, lessens SIDS risks and eventually help them to sleep better. The white sound is also simple to successful wean off.

Available at iOS App Store, Instant Baby Sleep comes with as many as 9 various sound modes. These include hairdryer sound, womb sound, sound of car cabin, vacuum cleaner sound, rattle, washing machine sound, sound of airplane interior, soothing Brahms lullaby- added to the unique Bouzouki white noise.

The app speaks of a simple interface and easy single-page design for a breezy use.

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“We have got extremely high standard recorded sounds that will put your little one off to sleep as peacefully as he/she was in your womb. It comes with background player that allows you to play other apps simultaneously. We have included the high quality sonogram audio especially for the babies and the high-contrast rattle noise is perfectly soothing for the little ears. Thanks to the timer mode, you can set your desired time limit and the app will automatically stop playing as it reaches the limit. We promise utmost convenience both for the baby and you.”

To download the app for free, please visit iOS Store or to purchase visit iOS Store.

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