Leading the way to unite all, Arab-American runs for 2017 Los Angeles City Mayors office

LOS ANGELES, CA – 6/20/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Mathew Giaba, an Arab-American leads the way to living with all races and religion in peace and unity, as he runs for 2017 Los Angeles City Mayor Office. Though not a career politician, his perception changed dramatically after the 9/11 world trade center attacks. He was one of the many first responders in the and recovery of American lives. After the shocking event he went on to fight on the Frontline against terrorism in Iraq, showing his deepest love for America and her principles.

Every race and religion has been attacked in one way or the other, the holocaust,  the mass genocide of the Armenians, the recent attacks initiated by Azerbaijan aganist Artsakh. There is a great need for this evil cycle to be put to a stop, and this starts with the right leadership because everything rises and fall with the leader.

“I saw a great giant- love for people, triggered in me during the 9/11 attacks. My deepest love for the American people and dreams, was brought to live then and till now. Helping people as a public is still like fighting to save lives like I did in the 9/11 attacks, you have got to have an unfailing love for people.” Says Mathew Giaba.

He commented further, “For us all to have a great city, with a better future for our children, we need to put someone with a large heart filled with love in public offices, and this is why I am asking you to get me elected. As I talk about this and think about this, we all have our battles in life, but when we stand together and stay untied, we all can battle this together, as the  people of this great country, state, city.   The only ones we should be fighting against is our fake, corrupt government system who pretends to know what is best for us”

Having passed through living and struggling from paycheck to paycheck, being judged and bullied because of his ethnic background and profession, Mr Giaba has grown developed a  strong mentality and can use this same spirit to lead the city of Los Angeles to a better and greater future.

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