IBC MEDIA Announces the Launch of its innovative news media marketing solution

Singapore – IBC Media is excited to announce the launch of its innovative and highly-strategic media marketing solution for business and individuals. By cooperating with hundreds of popular news and media outlets, business and individuals will have guaranteed placement for their promotion and press release in affiliate websites such as top news channel like FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC, CBS, TIMES and many others.

“This is the single most effective marketing solution one will ever have, businesses and professionals will gain high reputation all while effectively promoting their company, product and service to millions of active crowds. “ said Chris Yao, marketing manager of IBC Media.

IBC Media believes that the most effective way of marketing a business is through professionally creating a brand with a story that will draw the attention of the audience as fast as possible. “Our service aims to deliver great impact and create good impressions from readers worldwide. “Said by Chris Yao.

As our service include partnering with affiliates of top news channel of the world, our clients are automatically ” as seen ” or ” featured” in major news channels such as FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC, CBS, TIMES. This is the kind of service that most of the marketing firms are unable to offer. We also deliver exclusive press coverage for BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Independent, Washington post and many more.

This is the perfect solution that was designed specifically for companies who want more exposure and fast results. Instead of using expensive advertising techniques, IBC Media’ solution comes as a breath of fresh air. It also manages to bring in front a high standard, professional approach that will help boost any business and take it to the next level.

Connecting new brands to reputable ones is not an easy thing to do but with the proper tools any business can achieve success and a very good exposure. IBC Media is here to offer a refined, professional approach and a very good user experience.

IBC Media’s approach is unseen and uncommon in the media world and it’s set to revolutionize companies obtain exposure in the online world. It’s a seamless, professional platform that enables small and medium businesses alike to use the support of large media outlets in order to generate exposure and better results. Inexpensive and truly professional, the platform is designed to make media outlets more efficient, all while bringing in front a great attention to detail and the utmost professionalism.

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