New APP WEDIFUN Makes Wedding Receptions Fun

The new app has been launched to bring fun to wedding receptions and leave wedding guests talking about the special day for months to come.

A new app has been launched that aims to help make a wedding day an even more special by bringing laughter and fun to the wedding reception. One of the biggest complaints guests have when it comes to a wedding reception is the lack of entertainment and fun, which can result in guests leaving early and spoiling the bride and groom’s day. WEDIFUN has changed all that with their new app that aims to make wedding receptions fun and have guests talking about the special event for many months to come.

In the USA, around 2.3 million couples get married each year. However, according to research just over half of wedding receptions leave the guests bored, and the bride and groom upset their entertainment could not be as good as it should be. With the WEDIFUN app, which provides the guests with a fun wedding quiz, the bride and groom are sure to have the guests laughing and getting them in the mood.

The WEDIFUN brings a new level of fun to the wedding reception and with almost everyone in America having a mobile device, they can take part in the quiz during the wedding reception. The new app allows the wedding couple to set up their own quiz where the guests have to guess the answers about the bride and groom. There could even be a prize to make it even more exciting, but that is down to the bride and groom themselves.

A spokesman for WEDIFUN said: “We noticed that lots of bride and grooms were complaining that guests were not having lots of fun, so we came up with a fun quiz that would provide guaranteed laughter. A prize could be offered, but brides and grooms should make it clear to the guests that going on the honeymoon is not part of the prize.”

The wedding quiz app is easy to use and has already become a huge hit with wedding couples who have used it. Couples have said it helped to bring fun to their wedding day, and some mentioned that some relatives they expected to leave early stayed the whole night.

The bride and groom can set up their own questions or can choose from hundreds of questions that are available. They simply invite their guests to take part in the quiz during the wedding reception and at the end of the night the winner can be announced.

The new app has become such a huge hit; even wedding planners are now recommending it and using it to bring fun to wedding receptions.

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WEDIFUN is a new app that can help bring guaranteed laughter to a wedding reception. It is easy to use and provides guests with a great quiz.

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