Syoptek International Introduces Fiber Optic Tools for Efficient Maintenance of Fiber Optic Systems

For cleaning and maintenance of fiber optic networks, different types of Fiber Optic Tools are now available with Syoptek International Limited at budget prices.

The fiber optic industry requires a wide variety of cleaning tools and equipment for maintaining the efficiency of their network. Syoptek International has a wide range of Fiber Optic Tools that have been designed to carry out the cleaning and maintenance task in a simple but efficient manner. These tools are easy to use, handy and come with an ergonomic design for easy handling.

Syoptek International Introduces Fiber Optic Tools for Efficient Maintenance of Fiber Optic Systems

These tools can be widely used for cleaning and inspection of fiber optic networks and connectors. The tools are perfect for conducting end-face inspections to help maintain the flawless transmission of signal through the network. The tool range includes tri-hole fiber stripper, Kevlar scissors, buffer tube stripper, high precision fiber cleaner, cable sheath cutter and other tools. These tools can be used for all cleaning and maintenance procedures of fiber cable networks.

According to the company spokesperson, they provide cost-effective tools that are designed to work quickly and efficiently. For example, their One Click Cleaner is a simple to use tool for cleaning connectors in adapters. One just needs to push the cleaner into an adapter until a ‘click’ sound is heard. The cleaner works on the mechanical push action mechanism to advance inside the adapter and the cleaning tip rotates gently to ensure a perfect cleaning of the connector. A field technician can easily and quickly use the tool to clean connectors to help maintain a continuous flow of signals through the adapter.

The company also boasts of its OTDR, which is an important testing device to test several types of physical characteristics of a network fiber. The device can be used to locate events on up to 128000 sampling points in a fiber cable and can prove an important tool for the network maintenance and testing. The tool features a 4.3 inch touchscreen for carrying out a fiber cable R&D. The spokesperson reveals that this R&D device has a rugged design and durable. Moreover, their shock-proof and moisture-proof design makes them perfect for outdoor works.

To know more about the tools and their features that Syoptek International has in their stock, one can visit their website

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Syoptek International Limited,established on June 8, 2005, is a high-tech company specialized in researching and manufacturing of fiber optic test equipment, fiber microscope, optical power meter, visual fault locator, OTDR, fusion splicer and fiber optic cleaning products. They have a large range of cleaning products in their portfolio and one can procure these products from their website

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