Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Announces Enormous Expansion To Support Growth

New administrative offices along, with a new innovation lab fostering a creative environment is added to the current facility in North York, ON in plans to sustain the continuing growth of the company.

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets announces their expansion in a multiple of areas within the business to support the growth of their future market development plans. The company has increased and elaborated on the office space, as well as added the necessary facilities to become the thought leaders of the gifting industry! The innovation lab was formed in efforts to stimulate creativity, contemporary, unique and impressive gifting ideas to the market!  The expansion was made additional to the pre-existing headquarters at 3717 Chesswood Drive in North York, ON. Tripling the size of their previous space, they look to increase the capacity for the numerous clients across North America.

The company’s expansion aims to create something diverse and unlike anything that could be offered by the competitors in the industry. After over 30 years in the gift basket business, the company knows the power of bringing innovative gifting ideas to the table. Thus, they wanted to create a state of the art gift basket facility to kindle ideas and a positive change or twist to the current market. The company is confident that the additional space will only trigger success by allowing an expansion in their current production line, quality and efficiency!

With Nutcracker Sweet’s rising corporate client market, a part of the expansion is dedicated to the corporate orders. The expanded offices include a space for personalization services.  Alongside, there will be warehouse space dedicated to each and every corporate client. From storing company merchandise to ready-made corporate gifts, Nutcracker Sweet plans to make the gift of giving in a corporate environment a stress-free and simple process.

“Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets is extremely excited for our newly expanded facilities which we believe will provide us with the ideal resources to fulfill our strategic needs as a successful gift basket company,” said Tara Britt, Vice President. “Our expansion is a true testament to our dedication, growth and success of the company since its founding in 1984 however, we plan to be a leader for another 30 years or more. This advancement marks a new chapter in our long history by serving our customers with the best gifts and superior service within Ontario, Canada, USA and beyond.”

About Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Toronto has been a leading company in the industry for over 30 years. The company was first founded in 1984 on Avenue Road. After many years of great success the company found that the Avenue Road location was limiting their business potential due to the lack of space. Despite the risks, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets relocated to their current location, 3717 Chesswood Drive in 2010. After another 6 years of continued growth, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets is excited to, yet again, increase the company’s space! To the company’s advantage, Service Canada, which was neighboring Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, had recently closed, opening up an enormous amount of free space. Therefore, the company jumped on the opportunity! The company credits their immense success to their dedication of premium service and an equal emphasis on innovation, enabling unique ideas into the gifting industry. The company brings a wide array of gifts for customers to choose from; offering over 100 different gift baskets.

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