RayPCB.com Offering Now Nano Coating on Select SMT Stencil Types and Sizes

RayPCB.com, a leading PCB manufacturing and prototyping company from China, recently started offering nano coating on select SMT stencil types and sizes.

RayPCB.com, one of China’s leading PCB prototyping and manufacturing company, recently started offering ‘nano coating’ solutions for select stencil types and sizes. The owners of RayPCB.com said that ‘nano coating’ on stencils is a two-part process and can be very effective in repelling solder and flux. They also claimed that ‘nano coating’ solutions that they are offering now can be very effective in enhanced paste release, especially in very small components. RayPCB.com now recommends nano coating for SMT stencil for fine-pitch IC’s, fine-pitch QFN’s and all 0201 component types.

Only last month, RayPCB.com started accepting stencil with any PCB manufacturing or fabrication order. The company now offers a huge variety of stencil sizes and types, and the owners maintained that they can now offer SMT stencil for meeting precise needs of their clients. RayPCB.com also offers now replacement stencils for circuit boards that were previously manufactured by the company.

“SMT stencil is highly effective for transferring solid paste to bare circuit boards. We use laser technology for cutting the stainless steel foils. The volume of solid paste should be controlled as it determines the electrical functionality of the PCBs”, said a sales representative of the PCB assembly service provider.

“We choose proper foil thickness depending what kind of device is loaded on the PCB. Some components such as 0.020 pitch SOIC may require a thinner stencil solder paste whereas larger components may require thicker paste”, added the sales executive during a press conference.

He also confirmed that RayPCB.com is now providing three different types of stencils to their clients now, namely framed SMT stencils, frameless SMT stencils, and prototype SMT stencils.

The CEO of the company was recently interviewed by the Shenzhen press correspondents. He said that RayPCB.com or Rayming Technology is now providing free online quotes for clients who want to add stencil to their PCB fabrication order. He said that the products that they are selling are manufactured in acquiescence with the global standards and quality guidelines.

“Our engineers can assess the needs and provide quotes on the basis of client requirements”, he told the press.

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RayPCB.com or Rayming Technology is a China based PCB prototyping and manufacturing company.

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