How Drug Treatment Centers for Teens in Washington are Managing the Challenges to Drug Treatment

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Drug treatment and rehabilitation experts know that teenagers are a very special population requiring a special kind of attention.

The unique psychological and physiologic makeup of adolescents make for a very challenging case. Nevertheless, drug treatment centers for teens in Washington are facing these challenges head-on.

The teenage years are marked by a lot of ambiguity especially in the roles that individual teenagers want to play. They feel as if they are stuck in a developmental conundrum where physically they are already considered as near-adults; psychologically, however, they reflect a slightly lower level of immaturity than that of school age children. Many adolescents desperately want to be seen as adults but with less of the responsibility and accountability that society expects from a fully mature grown-up. This is what makes it particularly challenging. As such, they often do drugs primarily out of curiosity, peer pressure, and the belief that all grown-ups do it. It is this misguided perception that drug abuse is a normal part of adult life that leads them to abuse and become addicted to drugs.

Drug treatment centers for teens have their work cut out for them. The drug treatment program commences with either a medically-managed or a residential facility-supervised detoxification program depending on the severity or extent of the drug addiction including the type and nature of the drug. In many cases where the drug has created life-threatening reactions, the detoxification process can be started in an acute care facility so that the teenager’s physiologic status can be first stabilized. Upon stabilization, he can then continue in a residential drug treatment center for teens. In both instances, nutritional and psychological support are necessary to help the teenager.

Treating the drug addiction of teens require excellent knowledge of adolescent psychology. As such, drug treatment center for teens are fully staffed by highly qualified child psychologists or, more specifically, adolescent psychologists and behavior specialists. These professionals will help teenagers work through their psychological problems that may have led them to eventually take addicting drugs. If peer pressure is identified, then cognitive therapies designed at strengthening the teenager’s sense of individuality are implemented. Consequently, the anxiety associated with not being able to comply with peer standards can often lead them to take drugs. Cognitive therapists can help teenagers find more constructive ways of managing their anxieties. They can be taught mind-body relaxation techniques in addition to group therapy sessions on assertive communication.

Education is a very important element in the treatment of adolescent drug addiction. In a variety of studies, teenagers have been shown to think that prescription opioid analgesics as well as benzodiazepines are not necessarily harmful because these are, after all, medicines. What they fail to understand is the high addicting potential of these drugs which can be significant stepping stones to illicit drug use. Drug treatment centers for teens teach adolescents on the real nature of these substances so that they are better informed.

There are many challenges that face today’s drug treatment specialists. However, nothing can seem to equal the challenges posed by adolescent drug addiction. Nevertheless, drug treatment centers for teens are facing these challenges head-on.

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