Euro Plugs Offers An Array of International Plug Adapters For Every Country

21.06.2016 – Europlugs, the highly reputed and reliable manufacturer of varied electrical products announced that they have expanded their product portfolio by adding a wide range of international plug adapters at competitive prices.

Europlugs has incurred a decent name in the electrical market by providing electrical products of durable quality as it offers each one after passing it through safety tests and gives each one a country specific design to take care of the electrical demands of the home owners living across the world. If you wish to own a business establishment or home in some other country and wish to purchase a high quality international plug adapters that would match the electrical design of that country then the first thing that you must do is to visit the site of to shop for these durable products right from the comfort of your couch.

It is true that there is no office or home in the world that does not rely on these electrical products as it has become an integral part. Buying a cheap product to meet the requirements is not advisable as it can lead to some serious damages and accidents. This is why people need a reliable manufacturer like They make the best plug adapters in the world and provide it at the lowest price possible. When you compare their EA model adapters to the traditional ones sold in the market, their products are 5 times to 10 times better. As these international plug adapters are backed by EAS technology, it is capable of delivering 20 amps power when compared to traditional models that can give out only 6 amps at the maximum.

Their products at have slide in safety shutters for lowering its overall size in to half than its usual size. Europlugs also have 6 patents for their products and each is powered by ground breaking technology. It also features euro  Schuko grounding that makes it highly resistant to fire. These international plug adapters are unbreakable that makes it a worthy investment. Their TruAmp & WonPro II products are a fine specimen for innovation. You can find latest models of these plug adapters by checking out the link at They also give you fast shipping and money back guarantee to earn your trust.

When you check their website url at you would be happy to find that the site has helpful guide and country chart with color codes like big fonts in blue and burgundy font to guide the reader easily. There is also green font chart at to guide the buyers.

About is a market leader in the electrical market and revolutionized the field using groundbreaking technology for the past 25 years. It holds 7 patents for its innovative products and offers plug adapters to cater to the electrical design of each country to save the trouble of purchasing a new one each time. 

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