Crazy And Inspiring Party Packs Venture Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Looking for a fun and quirky way to celebrate the uncelebrated? Wanting to throw a non-traditional party theme centered on life’s taboo topics?

Introducing the GooCloo party packs, a total party bundle completely assembled and creatively crafted party packs that are perfect for a party, or life-changing celebration. Borne from a passion for providing a positive, engaging, and hysterical approaches to some of life’s harder struggles, like beating cancer or a breakup, the GooCloo party packs this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing to produce the first round of funny-as-hell party packs.

“We think that any excuse is a good excuse for a party – especially when the end goal is positivity through fun and friendship,” said Calisia Cox-Humphries, Founder and Creator of the GooCloo party packs. “GooCloo party packs are the ultimate way to celebrate some of life’s harder topics, while also experiencing an event unlike any other before.”

The GooCloo party packs currently come in six different themes: We Never Liked Him Anyway, I Love My BFF, I’m Me, Cancer Free, Empty Nester, and I Got Crabs. All party themes are designed to either provide relief and positive support for the hosts, or just plain fun for a weeknight gathering.

Each pack comes with (1) quality vinyl banner, (2) artsy foil balloons, (10) cups, (10) plates, (20) napkins, (10) forks, and (1) table cover.

“Life is short; it’s important to have fun and celebrate the typically uncelebrated,” said Cox-Humphries. “Whether it’s an unexpected job firing, unfortunate health news, or just wanting to party it up, the GooCloo party packs can help. Spread the word on the availability of our Kickstarter campaign, and help us make non-traditional partying the new norm.”

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