Ph.D. with G.E.D. Turns Author, writes 1941 Wolf Man movie Prequel

FAIRFAX, VA – 22 June, 2016 – Every journey in life begins with a first step.  The year was 1969.  Many of Alex’s peers told him that a G.E.D. would destroy his chances to get into college and his future would be insurmountably marginalized.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.

47 years later, Alex parlayed his G.E.D. into a BA, BS, MA, and Ph.D.  He just wrote the book, “Werewolf Origin.”  For  those people that dropped out of high school and have hesitated to take the equivalency exam for fear that it would limit their future options, Alex serves as an example of how that one first step can make a significant difference in your life. 

With the G.E.D. you can enlist into military, as Alex did.  He joined the Air Force.  Alternatively, you could sit for the SAT exam and apply for college, which is what Alex did when he left the military.  Worth noting, not all colleges require SAT scores as a prerequisite for admission.  

Alex recommends that if you do pursue a college education, be sure it is in a discipline that interests you.  There is a startling number of people working in jobs that are totally unrelated to their degree fields.  It is painful to pay on a student loan for a degree that isn’t relevant to your career.

1. What am I good at?

2. What do I enjoy doing?

3. What will make me money

Certainly it would be a trifecta if you could find a career that offers all three.  Sometimes we are willing to do something we don’t like doing because it leads us to a future opportunity for greater personal fulfilment. 

Dr. Alex Cullison is now pursuing his next life dream; that of writing fictional stories.  His experiences and education have given him a big pallet from which to create these imaginative tales. 

His book, “Werewolf Origin” is the first in a series he plans to write.  It is available in print, audio, and eBook formats! 

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