Annoucing a New Ebook – \”How To Build Your Brand Like Your Favorite Celebrities And Influencers\”


Many entrepreneurs and business owners wonder why some people succeed with incredible results, while others are barely making it. The purpose of this new free Ebook, How To Build Your Brand Like Your Favorite Celebrities And Influencers, is to share important insights and lessons learned so that business owners magnify their voice and  brand in today’s fast-moving and busy society. The Ebook will walk readers through the secrets the top experts use to build their reputation and credibility.

Readers will discover the answers to the following questions:  

1.  So how does a business owner stand out and build their brand?

2.  How to position a website to attract an audience when there are already 750+ million websites?

3.  How to leverage technology and social media to work smarter while producing greater results?

The free Ebook will launch on June 29, 2016.  It is the first in a series of new releases from the team at  They are excited to share this content along with a powerful online community for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners.  They are focused on helping professionals discover how to easily leverage their existing assets (influence) and digital media know how to leap-frog competition, no matter how much larger they may seem.    

That is what influence marketing is all about: developing a reputation for expertise and credibility in a particular market, while growing that reputation through strong relationships with a target audience.

Through the community, entrepreneurs and business professionals will discover the important steps needed to gain recognition and credibility in their field and the specific tactics to apply to start building  influence. is a partnership between keynote and motivational speaker, Marlon Smith and the founders of LARYM Design, Eric Love and Myra Peterson-Love, a boutique branding and digital media agency based in Las Vegas with tentacles in several states and countries.  The continual commitment to transparency and education is what ties the team together.  Untimately, the collective knowledge and commitment to share valuable information and educate businesses is what prompted the creation of this free Ebook.

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Company Name: Influence Blueprint
Contact Person: Myra Peterson-Love c/o Larym Design
Phone: (702) 706-2928
Country: United States