Pick Me, A New Self Development and Motivational book, Shows How to Achieve Anything Despite Everything

Professional coach Judith Patino-Rodrigue announces the release of the inspiring and self-development book, Pick Me. Pick Me is another great work from Judith who is a motivational speaker. Pick Me is written to help stimulate confidence, having the right attitude and empowering oneself.  The book is described as a must have, to maintaining an optimistic spirit and encouraging tone throughout life and its daunting challenges.

Personal development is a lifelong journey, a very important way to achieve set goals. So many people live and die without maximizing their life’s potentials. To be the best in one’s field, surmount life’s challenges and become a winner, there is a great need for positive thinking and positive affirmations. A strong self-believe will achieve great things even in the face of the toughest opposition.

“This book is a self-help guide to help people develop a winning attitude and gain confidence needed to help them achieve their goals.  I made this book reader-friendly to easily guide anyone who reads it on self-improvement. You will find it very easy to use, with the easy-to-follow process and practices designed to help you reclaim your purpose and map out the steps needed to fulfill it.” Says Patino-Rodrigue

She says further, Often, our biggest enemy is our own thinking. What you need to pick is the right attitude—the attitude that defines you. You hold the key to your own happiness and success. You’re the builder of your life.” The book- Pick Me will guide you to having the right attitude and empowering yourself to identify and reach your goals.

About The Author

Judith Patino-Rodrigue is a certified professional coach and a motivational speaker who helps individuals reach their goals through proven processes and practices. Her career includes providing professional and personal solutions to clients and helping individuals identify and eliminate beliefs that stop them from finding their inner happiness and achieving success.

Patino-Rodrigue augments her coaching by building confidence among audiences of all ages so they can better perceive who people truly are, focus on themselves, and strengthen their personal growth whether financial, spiritual, or professional.

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