ChalkTastic Announces New Half-Yearly Business Plan for Color Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic is about to start implementing a new half-yearly business plan for their flagship product Color Chalk Marker Pens. This useful chalk based accessory is currently amongst the top bestsellers in

ChalkTastic has just announced a new business plan that will be implemented over the next six months for their popular product Color Chalk Marker Pens. Official sources have revealed that this half-yearly business plan makes a series of recommendations to ensure further growth for the product. Interestingly, this chalk-based accessory has already secured a place amongst the top Amazon bestsellers in different categories. Following the announcement of the new business plan, ChalkTastic expects to deliver better operational efficiency and customer service to the buyers of their color chalk markers.

An experienced manufacturer of chalk based products; ChalkTastic has only used high-quality ingredients to manufacture their chalk pens. Parents can let their kids use these markers without any worry because they are odorless, dust-free, and non-toxic. Each pack of the product contains eight markers in different bright and vibrant colors. Some of the common applications of this product are writing and decorating restaurant menu Boards, bistro boards, white board, LED writing board, window markers, car windows, kids’ art, school work, ceramic mugs, etc.  With a reversible tip, these markers have also emerged as a popular teaching supply at preschool, kindergarten, high school and colleges.

In a recently published Amazon review, the reviewer mentions, “I received my Fantastic ChalkTastic Chalk Markers about a week or so ago and my kids immediately wanted to open them and try them out. The bright vibrant colors are fabulous to write with and the thick shape of them makes them easy to hold and use. They tried them out on chalkboard, white board and even the windows! They had such fun creating and even more fun cleaning up, using just a baby wipe. I did have to help them start the chalk flowing, but even after I showed them how to press down on the tip a few times and shake and repeat, they were able to do the rest themselves. Such a great product! I would highly recommend this!”   

Highlighting the need for a new half-yearly business plan, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “Having spent a highly successful year on Amazon, the company’s priorities have changed.  Now, we are looking to make an impact beyond Amazon with our Color Chalk Marker Pens. This new business plan makes a series of recommendations to take us where we want to be six months from now.”

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