The Chameleon Cap Utilizes New Fabric Technology to Change Color as It Absorbs Ultraviolet Radiation

Exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet radiation produces skin damage like spots, wrinkles, and cancer. A new hat has been invented by startup company Univision to help prevent this accelerated aging and melanomas called the Chameleon Cap. The Chameleon Cap uses a newly developed fabric technology that changes color of the cap, helping the wearer monitor when too much UV exposure has occurred. Observers can witness this stark change in color which happens over a period of less than five seconds.

This powerful new technology will likely revolutionize the apparel industry. Parents will be able to determine when children have been outside too long by observing the color of the Chameleon Cap. It will help millions of people at risk of skin cancer prevent extended exposure to dangerous sunlight. In addition to this color change technology, the Chameleon Cap also provides powerful anti-UV protection for the head and face. Furthermore, the Chameleon Cap fabric is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

The Chameleon Cap is the first headwear of its kind, but this technology will sweep through the apparel industry. However, you can obtain a Chameleon Cap before the general public through Univision’s Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve your Chameleon Cap in a variety of sizes, styles and colors (currently available in Blue, Pink or Purple) at a steep discount while also helping to bring this amazing product to market. To learn more about Chameleon Cap or to order yours, please visit  

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Company Name: Fantastic Compelling Color-Changable Anti-UV Cap
Contact Person: Univision
Country: United States