Ensuring Freedom from Addiction – The Role of Detox Treatment Facilities that Accept Women Florida

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Women who get addicted to substances are at a disadvantage, not necessarily because there is gender bias in drug treatment but rather because of the many social stereotypes that are placed on them.

It is these stereotypes that preclude women from getting the right drug treatment and rehab that they deserve. Fortunately, though, there are plenty of detox treatment facilities that accept women Florida is proud of. These detox facilities are the crucial first step for women to becoming free from addiction.

One of the most frustrating things that women have to undergo is the obvious double standard placed by society on them. Despite significant strides in gender equality, there remains a popular notion that women should be less risk-takers and more refined in their behaviors. They are pictured to be the image of managers of the family and the home. Even career women are looked up to with a slightly different view compared to men of similar position and stature. Seeking drug detoxification and rehabilitation can have significant repercussions on the identity of women. This is one of the reasons why there are fewer women who actively seek drug detox treatments and, even if they do, they will always prefer to stay quiet about it.

The role of detox treatment facilities that accept women therefore, is two-fold. One is to help women addicts to get rid of the addicting substance from their system. The other one is to help them gain better understanding of their inherent right to be treated equally so that they, too, can continue living their lives as productive as they possibly can.

Detoxification among women is slightly different than men because of the anatomic and physiologic differences between the two sexes. The effects of drugs or any other addicting substance is more readily pronounced among women. Given two similar doses of the same addicting substance, the effects will be slightly more severe on women. This is because of the unique differences in the way the female body processes these substances. The male liver is substantially more efficient in the processing of such harmful substances. So, given a certain drug, a man will still be up and about while a woman will already be knocked down cold.

Detox treatment facilities that accept women have to consider the physiology of their clients. As such, nutritional support coupled with psychosocial counseling and support are provided during the detox treatment in order to help facilitate the removal of the offending substance while at the same time strengthening the resolve of the client to get through the detox process. And this is where women have an edge over men. Studies show that women have a far greater chance of success in completing their drug treatment and rehabilitation programs and staying sober and addiction-free for significantly longer periods of time than do men. This simply means that women are more motivated to really get free from a life of addiction.

There may be differences in detox treatment approaches but these do not stop detox treatment facilities that accept women from performing their role. Many women who have successfully turned a new leaf have these facilities to thank for.

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