‘The Secrets of I The Ching’ Delves into Turbulent Turn-of-the-Century China and Great Works of Daoist Scholars

“The Secrets of IChing//TriCoast Ent.”
Debuts June 24 on Premium VOD and Digital Platforms

Los Angeles, CA (June 22, 2016) 

  • New Documentary on The I Ching book of Changes
  • Academy Award nominated Direct of Photography
  • Narrated by Game of Thrones’ Jonathan Pryce

In her new documentary, THE SECRETS OF I CHING, filmmaker Bettina Wilhelm goes in search of the life and achievements of her grandfather, Richard Wilhelm, by following in his footsteps through China and Europe. She combines historical exposition with pictures of China today in pursuit of the essential theme of Richard Wilhelm’s life: to discover how the great truths and wisdom of mankind can outlast historical change and continue to retain their relevance.

The I Ching is one of the oldest books of mankind, whose oracle was consulted by Chinese emperors since more than three thousand years ago whenever important decisions had to be made. In the West Richard Wilhelm’s translation of the Book of Changes influenced every generation since the 1970s, especially those who are seeking a deeper meaning of life.

Richard Wilhelm accomplished some of the greatest works of translation of the 20th century: Confucius, Laotse, other classical texts of Daoism and, most importantly, the I CHING, THE BOOK OF CHANGES. This book has served as an inspiration for many readers. Wilhelm is still considered one of the most distinguished mediators of Chinese culture in the West. He was both fascinated and worried by the tremendous changes taking place in China and in the world at large. Like C. G. Jung, with whom he was friends from the 1920s, he searched for universal wisdom that could withstand historical change. It was Wilhelm’s translation of the I Ging, transcribed from German into English, which lead to the wide circulation in the West of The Book of Changes, and to its being held to be one of the greatest and most relevant of classical Chinese texts. 

Born in Shanghai, China, Ms. Wilhelm does a stellar job of balancing Chinese history, the I Ching, and the life of her grandfather in an 87-minute film. Beautifully shot by Academy Award nominated Peter Indergand, Wilhelm has also deftly employs evocative still photos obtained from dozens of archives.

THE SECRETS OF I CHING, is narrated by internationally acclaimed award-winning actor, Jonathan Pryce, known for his outstanding performances on both stage and screen, including the lead in Brazil, Glengarry Glen Ross and Age of Innocence, as well as James Bond villian Elliot Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, and most recently The High Sparrow in HBO’s Game of Thrones. 


Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/154267124


THE SECRETS OF I CHING will premiere June 24 on VOD services DirecTV and Dish; Digital platforms include Google Play, Amazon, MicroSoft, Vudu, Vubiquity and Hoopla.

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