New Startup Adds To List of Thrive15 Success Stories

Tulsa, OK – In May Thrive15 added to the list of successful startups coming out of the mentoring program for entrepreneurs offered through the site. Thrive15 offers trainings and mentoring for starting a business, growing a business, or for those advancing in a career. The latest founder to credit Thrive15 as playing a pivotal role in the success of their company is Stephen Arruda, founder of Micrentals serves as a professional grade microphone renting company that offers microphones for about a tenth of the cost of buying the microphone outright.

Thrive15 has already had several success stories in the short time the business coaching website has been fully operational. However, founder Clay Clark says is great to see because while Thrive15 has subscribers in 45 nations around the world, it means Thrive15 is helping people in Clay’s own city of Tulsa, Oklahoma as well. According to Clay, Thrive15 was started with the mission of “mentoring millions” by providing inexpensive mentoring via web based video trainings. These trainings are meant to not only teach the practical skills needed to start or grow a business, but also the mindset needed to be successful—taught by business coaches who have already achieved success in their field.  A common phrase heard on Thrive15 is “you can learn from mentors or mistakes;” subscribers are encouraged to learn from their mentor’s mistakes so that they do not have to go through the same painful process to find success.

Stephen says that two of the most impactful trainings that he found on Thrive15 that helped him start were Lee Cockerell’s “Time Management System” and the “dream 100 list.” He says these trainings showed him how to start his business while still working full time until he was making enough to work on the business full time. The trainings also showed him how to market his product when he did not have much cash for marketing. For more info on Stephen’s business you can view, and for more info on the training and mentoring visit

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