Newly Launched Social App First Fate Gets Popular with Teenagers and Young Adults

A unique and fun new social app is gaining popularity among teenagers and young adults due to its cool features, and must try features. The FirstFate offers a refreshing take on social media by encouraging people to share things with their friends and also motivating them to share quick and honest opinions. The developers of the app have successfully managed to create a growing online community which seems to be hooked to the FirstFate way of connecting with others. The app is slowly but steadily getting popular among travelers, teens, bloggers etc. since its launch in March 2016. The company is also currently looking for Student Brand Ambassadors to reach out to the audience globally.

Talking about the app and the positive feedback it has received, the First Fate spokesperson said: “First Fate is the next best thing that has happened to Social Media! That’s not a fact, but a vision that we have chosen for us! First Fate is a unique way to share your stories, thoughts and experiences with your friends, family and followers, and interact with them in a purely fun way! The unique thing about First Fate is that it provides a person with a real life social experience with people far away!”

The photo sharing app allow members to share photos, videos, post challenges (and much more) with other members, and other members can reciprocate by rating the video or post on the basis of 5 options, and their first opinion is final. One of the most exciting things about FirstFate which the users are raving about is the replacement of the profile picture with a 5 second video profile photo which allows members to express themselves in a much better way.

The app also has a chat feature which allows users to chat with anyone they want by sending end instant images and messages. Member can also build their reputation score, recommend awesome hangout places in any city, sharing post that attract good ratings from their followers and members to earn coveted profile badges.

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About First Fate Social App
First Fate Social App is a Social Network App launched in March 2016. The app, whose team is located in New Delhi, India, is primarily focused on creating a unique social experience for people around the Globe, which is the main focus behind the First Fate concept which gives it a neat touch. The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

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