Schnell Abnehmen Club Helping Millions Lose Weight

‘Schnell Abnehmen Club’ has emerged as the most preferred alternative when it comes to weight loss. People from all over the world are taking advantage of the same and leading a fit and healthy life. The site would be launched in English in near future.

06 August,2014: a popular  website belonging to the health and fitness niche is helping millions from across the globe in losing weight and living a healthy and fit life. The website is in German language and specially dedicated to the German speakers. The site is known to cover all the aspects related to weight loss and healthy life including weight loss tips, sports, diet and a lot more.

If experts of the field are to be believed, the site provides a complete package and covers all bases related to weight loss niche. The platform acts as a complete guide and provides answers to all weight related queries in detail. The experts behind the platform are renowned fitness experts and keep on providing new and important information on a regular basis.

Sources confirmed that with the immense success achieved by the website in the German language, the creators of the same are planning to launch an English version of the same as well in near future. The details related to the same are expected to be announced in a couple of weeks. The English version of the site would be launched by year end.

When contacted, Lejla from said, “The basic purpose behind coming up with an online platform dedicated to weight loss niche was that most of the information as available on internet is either correct or incomplete. .This is the reason why most are not able to lose weight .The platform, is an effort on our part to help millions across the globe fight the newest threat to human health – Obesity.” When we asked about the plan of launching English version of the site, he confirmed, “Yeah! We are working on it. We would confirm the details soon.”

Renowned former model and fitness specialist Lejla Babic is also partner in the website and provides most of the tips and tricks to the reader. The website is divided into different categories that makes browsing easy.

About Schnell Abnehmen Club
Schnell Abnehmen club is a famous website helping people in losing weight and living a healthy and fit life.

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