Shield of God gamer feedback at E3 2016: Games Have helped make the game better

The designers behind the game Shield Of God would like to thank gamers for their support and their feedback in helping to make their game better.

A new game has just got better thanks to gaming fans. The makers behind Shield Of God asked gamers what they thought of the game so they could create a gaming experience that would get fans hooked. The response has overwhelmed the developers.

The popular comments include:

“Woah, the art is amazing!”, “I love the attention to detail…”, “It might be a bit too hard for me, but it’s definitely a fun game.”, “Why is it named ‘Shield of God’? Is it related to religion?”, “Awesome art, awesome sound, awesome game! Can’t wait to get it!”, and “I had a lot of fun with the game! Can’t wait to see more progress! “

A spokesman for Shield Of God said: “Thank you to all the game testers! Your comments about Shield of God really helped us prioritize feature development and improvements.”

Shield of God is a 3D, sci-fi mobile strategy game, and the whole story takes place in the far future. The game will play as the commander of the operation team, leading them to complete the mission and defeat enemies while moving around an open map. The player’s strategy and squad mates selection are key elements of their success.

“We strongly believe that there is high demand for quality mobile games in the market. Console gamers are our primary target, as we embrace the fun and fantastic stories of all the big titles we have played.”, said a spokesman

In order to create a good mobile game that would remind target players of their console game experience, the studio spent over 300 hours on the cut-scenes and animations.

Shield of God will be launched on the App Store in 2016 Q4. Before that, the studio plan to have their Alpha version ready for New Zealanders and those who have signed up for a sneak-peek on their site.

“We’ve devoted our passion, time and energy to making Shield of God an exceptional gaming experience. However, we have our limitations; we’re not familiar with western culture and what the best user experience is. As such, we need gamers’ help by them trying this game out and giving us feedback.”, explained a spokesman

It may be difficult to make a console-style mobile game, but the process is fun and rewarding as long as your gamers care as much as you do.


About The Gaming Studio:

Yes Games is a mobile game development studio based out of China, with a strong record of developing games for famous anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Fantasia Sango Five.

Since 2014, a team of 20 console-game lovers, who are also game developers, artists, and engineers, formed Gunship Studio and started their journey toward the development of “Shield of God”. After more than 18 months of hard work, the alpha version was finally ready for E3 2016.

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