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Los Angeles, CA – June 23, 2016 — Monitoring mobile equipment investments is something that every business owner wants to be able to do efficiently. With the increased need for equipment monitoring and data collection, it is becoming harder and harder for companies to manage their business without the help of third party solutions.

In this week’s segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, viewers will learn about BMI Technologies. The innovative technology that is being offered by BMI Technologies allows users in the material handling industry to reduce the costs associated with monitoring their forklifts and other mobile equipment.

This technology allows owners to monitor the use and safety of their equipment fleet to help ensure that both the machine and the operator are safe. Their impact monitor, known as G Force, allows owners to have a true accountability tool at their disposal. The technology provides advanced data collection that allows users to make informed management decisions.

BMI’s monitoring systems allow owners to truly watch what is happening with their forklifts and machines each step of the way. President of BMI Technologies, Steve Plexman, says “The technology behind our G Force solutions is proven, and allows a true level of control that management needs to make solid decisions.”

“The technology offered by BMI Technologies and their G Force programs allows users to cut costs while keeping track of their investments.  This is not only smart, but also highly innovative,” says JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business. “Their programs really do put the power in the hands of the business owner.”

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