INFOGRAPHIC : How To Wear Bangs In 2016

6/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — For as long as women have had hair they’ve had to deal with the age old problem of whether or not to cut their bangs. For those who choose to take the leap there are a multitude of choices on how to style it.

The team at Hairstyle.Guru has put together a 5-part post with infographic detailing the trendiest hairstyles with bangs in 2016. In it you’ll find visual inspiration for side swept bangs, parted bangs, short bangs and a few others.

Kay Wilson, Head Content Writer, says “every woman is unique and there is no one-size fit all solution for cutting your front”. That means you need to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you set foot into the salon. She goes on to say that “researching hairstyles online saves women a lot of hassle when trying to explain what they want to their stylist”.

So whether you’re looking to change up your stale long hair with some bangs, copy your favorite celebrities newest look, or turn some heads on the sidewalk getting familiar with the newest looks is a great place to start.

Hairstyle.Guru is an online inspiration catalog for women seeking new hairstyles.

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