Entrepreneur and business coach speaks at United Nations

SINGAPORE – 6/23/2016 — Serial entrepreneur and business coach Imran Md Ali recently spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York City about how internet marketing and digital technology can spur entrepreneurship and help lessen the income gap in developing nations.

“I’ve started a lot of businesses, and I’ve advised many more,” Imran said. “I’m passionate about the way Internet marketing can help small business owners and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world compete in a global economy.”

Imran, 31, currently runs six different businesses. Imran holds regular seminars and has spoken at venues around the globe. In addition to his talk at the United Nations, he’s spoken at Mindvalley, one of the largest education companies in the world, which aims to changes education by offering innovative solutions for all levels, from teenagers to adults alike.

Imran’s coaching focuses mainly on the importance of online marketing and what businesses can do to quickly get started promoting their products online. Mastery of online marketing has become what makes the difference between successful businesses and mediocre ones, Imran said. Taking advantage of online marketing allows businesses to increase market share, drive sales and boost profits.

“No matter what industry, business have the potential to make massive profits just by having a presence online,” Imran said. “Without mastering online marketing, a business will be left in the dust by faster, sleeker and savvier competitors.”

As a business coach, he’s worked with thousands of individuals, offering seminars, one-on-one coaching and business creation services. He uses his proprietary “World’s Easiest Entrepreneurship System” to help those without experience start businesses and succeed as entrepreneurs.

“My goal is to empower people worldwide to embrace entrepreneurship and help them change their lives,” Imran said. “My talk at the United Nations really captured this. I’ve seen how entrepreneurship can lift people, and even whole communities out of poverty. And with the rise of digital tools, it’s easier than ever before for people to start a business with an online presence and reach their audience, whether that’s a global or local one. They just need the knowledge and education, which is what I offer.”

More information about Imran and his coaching business is available at www.theprofitsacademy.com

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