Renowned French Book About Textile Fibers Will Be Available In English

A unique tool that will help businesses in the fashion industry.

Montreal, Canada – June 23, 2016 – Annie Cyr, author of “The Guide to Textile Fibers”, launched a campaign seeking community support to raise $4,000 CAD by July 20, 2016. The book was first published in French in 2014. Now, due to popular demand, the guide will be translated into English. Funds received will be used to publish the translated version of the book. 

Annie is a specialist experienced in the textile and clothing industry. She has a Bachelor degree in industrial management andfashion design and is an expert in shoe and accessory design. Throughout her career, Annie hasalso gained experience as a seamstress, pattern maker, designer, product coordinator and textile specialist. 

The Book is designed to help readers acquire a better understanding of textile products and how they can improve upon their technique. It’s concise, interactive, and easy to read. With three years of research and collaboration with worldwide professionals, “The Guide to Textile Fibers” is a the most complete reference book of its kind. It’s a unique tool that will find the right fabric for vendors and designers to satisfy their customer’s needs. 

This guide is composed of 3 parts:

1)     General information regarding textile fibers and textiles.

2)     A unique performance comparator compares different fibers to each other based on performance and characteristics.

3)     32 technical data sheets on contains information that includes different commercially available textile fibers. 

“The Guide to Textile Fibers”separates materials into the following groups, and analyzes them individually: 

  • Cellulosic: bamboo, hemp, cotton, jute, kapok, linen, ramie
  • Protein: alpaca, angora, cashmere, camel, wool, mohair, qiviut, silk, yak
  • Manufactured from cellulose: acetate, cupro, lyocell, modal, triacetate, viscose
  • Manufactured from synthetics: acrylic, aramid, elasthane, modacrylic, nylon, PLA, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE 

All data comes from the most recognized sources within the fashion industry. It is a practical guide that is essential to have. 

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more. Click here to make a contribution. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will be delivered by November 2016. 

Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal. If the campaign does not reach the funding goal, then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount given can make a difference. This is also an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special project! Help the campaign reach its goal by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more people know about this, the more support the campaign will receive.


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