The Blockchain Enhanced Smart Contract System”Californium”might Advance Development of Common Blockchain Platform

“Blockchain” a technology appeared along with digital currency,its subversive influence on the existing financial is extensively discussed in industry.It is a technical proposal collectively maintaining one reliable database via the method of decentration and trust-revocation and currently been divided into 3 categories in Public Blockchain、Industrial Blockchain、private Blockchain.

IBM declared to support Hyperledger in 2015,is a project to co-create the enhancing Blockchain technology which can lead the global business transaction pattern via recognizing and dealing with important features of cross-sector and open standards of distributed ledger. Core elements of its design are smart contract,digital assets, record store,centralized consensus network and encryption Security. “Hyperledger” focus on production application.IBM opened over 440 thousand lines of data Blockchain technical source codes on GitHub, but bloackchian is the key technology of its distributed internet structure open source platform -Adept.

Enterprises as Intel、Microsoft、HITACHI、De Nederlandsche Bank、 Goldman Sachs and JP-Morgan announced their researches and studies based on Blockchain. According to the statistics,44 international consortium and international banks formed R3 Block chain Alliance and process integrated test of Block chain technology .

Blockchain is coming into public view and offering more possibility to this world.But as a newly raising technology,existing block chain cannot fulfill all needs in various and complex transaction.Scalable challenges, less support to Security mechanism and invisible transaction as well as other limitations makes it impracticable to many key businesses.

Being a common block chain platform,featured requirements as modular consensus mechanism,smart contract,function and extendibility,importance to privacy and secrecy should be emphasized besides regular features of platform like Ripple and Hyerledger .And its flexible timing can support all industries,it should be lightweight,modular,and with configurable component to realize extendibility .In this aspect,the evolutionary block chain”Californium”developed by QITS (Israel Quantum Intelligent Technology Limited) suport by Israel military industrial group .Technologically realized more breakthrough and fulfilled more industry demand as industrial application of new Blockchain.

CEO of QITS Eliot introduced that the open Blockchain technology “CF” sourced by IBM was adopted to underlying structure of “HyperLedger”,meanwhile 3 important modules as Quantum release ,Guadan match and route discovery were increased.This kind of evolutionary block chain “Californium”,as enhanced protocol of Blockchain common platform, supports all needs of competitive enterprises in same network. Core elements of this principal are smart contract,digital assets, record store,decentralized consensus network and encryption security.

Whenever enterprise or individual tempts to the smart contract of the enhanced block chain to their applications as intellectual property protection,property micro notarization, micro-electromechanical, inancial, agreement management and virtual resource etc,there is no need for them to spend much time setting up Blockchain by themselves. The Blockchain platform “californium” can be directly utilized to achieve convenient relevant applications.

Fonder of Davos -Klaus Schwab thinks of block chain as the fourth industrial revolution and it is a highly recognization to the fundamantality and subversive of this technology.In this trend,we can predict the Blockchain enhanced smart contract system “Californium” to be new generation of dark technology and bring historical breakthrough to common block chain platform advancement.


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