NYC-based knitter expands online store

Queens, NY—Local artist and student Nazima Khan expanded her online store January earlier this year to cater to more customers. The website,, specializes in various knitted pieces such as beanies, stockings, and baby’s clothing, but also offers women’s clothing. Khan also hosts a blog on the website that focuses on fashion, make-up, and DIY.

All the products in are designed by Khan herself. Personalized orders are possible but will take up to one week to make. The online store offers free shipping for purchases of at least $100. Shipping is available worldwide. 

About Nazima Khan

Nazima Khan is a dedicated artist who is passionate about crafts and fashion. She first started dabbling with crochet when she was 8 years old. Her mother, a seamstress, introduced her to this craft by teaching her the basic stitch using pink yarn. Khan still possesses the first scarf she had made in her youth.

Khan continued working with yarn and fabric as she matured. Knitting had turned into her hobby. In high school, Khan crocheted extensively but she gave everything away because she did not seek to make a business out of her hobby. She later finished high school with a certification in Graphic Design.

The online store Nazima Knits was first established in February 2014 when Khan was in her freshman year in college. At that time, she was 18 years old. She decided that in order to create items with higher quality, she needed to transform her hobby into a full business.

Khan handpicked her manufacturer herself to get access to fabric of exceptional quality. Access to a manufacturer allowed Khan to produce more affordable products. This also allowed her to venture into production of polyester and cashmere clothing. Despite her brand’s venture into manufactured lady’s wear, Khan decided to expand and focus on yarn for most of her products.

“Expanding into my yarn brand [was] to help bring back a nostalgia of knitting and change the look from ‘only grandma knits’ to ‘anyone can be creative, especially with knitting,’” Khan said.

Khan wanted to make knitting feel flexible and creative similar to cosmetics. She was inspired by how cosmetics are able to express the personality of a single person as well as its power to create trends. Khan wanted to fulfill these properties with various patterns in her yarn brand.

Khan’s passion for reviving the yarn aesthetic reflects heavily in her brand. Nazima Knits offers various products such as hats, scarves, cowls, pillows, ornaments, and cup sleeves. She has also made sandals, cases for gadgets, and even baby and pet accessories from yarn. Khan hand-crocheted these products herself. The variety of Khan’s yarn products stay true to her ambition of being able to make anything from yarn.

You may view photos of her yarn products as well as her manufactured dresses at

Media Contact
Company Name: Nazima Knits
Contact Person: Nazima Veena Khan
Phone: +1 (646) 626 55 67
Country: United States