New Multi-Platform Game “Umdlalo: The Journey” Introduces Gamers to Prehistoric, Mythic World

The gaming industry is predicated on dynamic evolution; every new game tries to create a more exciting, realistic and compelling environment.  This often involves new concepts and activities, but few games have the capacity to introduce gamers to an entirely new world like Umdlalo: The Journey. Umdlalo: The Journey is the latest game from veteran game developer Todd Colletti who has directed major projects like Indy Car Racing and the Deer Hunter series. Todd Colletti is currently the head of Something Wicked Inc., the production company for Umdlalo: The Journey.

Umdlalo: The Journey is a revolutionary leap forward in terms of game play and progression.  Unlike the relatively static progression that most games offer, Umdlalo allows players to interact with the storyline of the game and make meaningful changes that continue to affect the interactions throughout the entire story.  The player is immersed in a rich and engaging back story which includes the death of almost his/her entire family.  They may acquire an animal companion to assist them as they explore this prehistoric and mysterious world.

Each chapter of the adventure allows the player to utilize multiple approaches to a challenge.  While there is always the option of attempting to use brute force, more elegant solutions can often be produced by searching the local environment for useful tools, short cuts or assistance.  The method chosen can often have much larger implications on the long term outcome of the main or side storyline.  There are a number of compelling storylines including interacting with primitive societies involved in civil war, trade disputes and magical conflicts.

The production team intends to use Unity3D architecture which will allow superior flexibility and compatibility on a multitude of platforms including consoles, PC’s, tablets and smartphones.  Players may interact with the game in both online or offline modes.  

Umdlalo: The Journey is one of the most promising games currently in development, but in order to reach its optimal potential without interference from game publishers, the production team must obtain independent funding.  In order to obtain this, they have begun a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  Financial contributors will receive various perks including copies of the game, T-shirts, original artwork, and invitation to the launch party.

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