The Tashtego Travel Kit is a Tool Roll for Your Toiletries

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Men have been using the same, disorganized toiletry kits for centuries. Without any organization, these toiletry kits are impractical and typically become messy and difficult to pack. This is the problem that Parker Thomas sought to solve with the Tashtego Travel Kit, the new design for a rolled travel kit.

Instead of the cavernous design of the average toiletry kit, the Tashtego Travel Kit rolls out to lay flat and has individual pockets to help travelers keep essentials organized, clean and accessible while on the go. It is a tool roll for toiletries.

“The idea for the Tashtego Travel Kit came to me while I was building an airplane,” says Thomas. “Airplanes are really sensitive to size and weight.  Using a tool roll is way more convenient to use than a box because it keeps everything organized, in place and in sight. I had always hated toiletry kits, and one day I realized this could be the answer. Why throw all your essentials in a bag, when you can lay everything flat and grab what you need in an instant?”

Made with heavy duty waxed canvas, the Tashtego Travel Kit has ten pockets to comfortably hold your toothbrush, razor, hair brush, shaving cream and other essentials, plus a zipper pocket for shampoo and conditioner. It is slimmer than the average toiletry bag to easily fit into a carry-on, suitcase or backpack when traveling. The kit lays flat on the counter, so you can easily see everything when you’re packing, unpacking and packing up again to hit your next destination. To keep everything in place, the kit has a flap that folds over and is secured with a tough leather strap when rolled up.

Convenience was a big factor in the design of Tashtego kits, says Thomas. They are made to be durable and endure the test of time and travel, even a spin in the washing machine.

“Men who travel a lot for business or adventure need a toiletry kit that will last. We test our designs on the front-lines of modern life in places like cheap hotels and airport bathrooms to make sure you can rely on it. Whether you are jet setting around the globe or conquering another trail, the Tashtego Travel Kit can withstand the wear and tear.”

After two years of prototyping and testing, Tashtego Travel Kits are ready to be manufactured this fall. The kits are available now for pre-order through Kickstarter. To learn more about Tashtego, visit

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