Asta Powerproject Packs Sophisticated Features Into v14 Release

DENVER, CO – 6/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Asta Powerproject, the leading software for construction project scheduling, is set to launch its most robust, collaboration-enhancing version ever. Elecosoft will roll out version 14 of their flagship product in the U.S. on June 20.

The upgraded software, which will be given to current users as a regular maintenance update, includes a host of new and enhanced features. Several tools like Risk Analysis, which were available as add-on modules, are also now included in the standard versions of Asta Powerproject.

“This is one of those updates that really packs in a ton of value,” said Jim Dawkins, US channel manager for Elecosoft. “Those who haven’t considered their project scheduling system for a while will be surprised to see how much easier Asta Powerproject can make their jobs.”

Risk Analysis, for instance, identifies the most sensitive tasks – those that are most likely to affect the project finish date or overall cost if not monitored closely. It also indicates the likelihood of a particular finish date, cost amount, income amount or margin amount being accurate. Risk Analysis helps users set targets more accurately, create appropriate contingencies, and negotiate contracts with a fuller knowledge of the project risks involved.

The Earned Value Analysis (EVA) reporter in Asta Powerproject v. 14 is a powerful analytical tool that gives a clear overall view of the project progress versus planned. Users can choose from a simple S-curve of progress or a full EVA projection, broken down by resource, cost center or code library. EVA reports can be based on duration, cost or effort as well as the overall percentage complete.

Other enhancements include:

  • A network viewer to show project plans as PERT charts, which represent the duration of each task in a project and the links between tasks so the link logic and the minimum time needed to complete the total project can be identified
  • User interface upgrades like precise color selection for corporate branding
  • Advanced admin tools to control access rights to projects.
  • Easy sharing of Asta Powerproject BIM projects with a free BIM-enabled Asta Powerproject viewer
  • Flexible export tools for business intelligence data to external databases or spreadsheets

Asta Powerproject makes these sophisticated tools accessible and easy to use for project managers, construction superintendents, and other part-time or occasional schedulers.

“We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused company and this version represents another example of that,” said Jason Ruddle, COO of Elecosoft. “Version 14 takes Asta Powerproject to a whole new level, precisely because it was driven by our users’ needs and requests.”

This release comes at a time when the software is enjoying rapid adoption in North America. Asta Powerproject was already well known as a leading scheduling tool around the world before entering the U.S. market in 2013. More than 100,000 schedulers worldwide rely on Asta Powerproject every day to create and update precise project schedules, collaborate across the enterprise, manage resources and costs, and report progress to owners and clients.

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About Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject has become the construction industry standard throughout Europe and the rest of the world outside the United States since its initial development in 1988. It was introduced to the U.S. market in 2013. Both small and large companies including general contractors, subcontractors, civil engineering firms, owners and professional advisors prefer Asta Powerproject. More than 100,000 schedulers worldwide rely on the software every day to create and update precise project schedules, collaborate across the enterprise, manage resources and costs, and report progress to owners and clients. For more information, visit

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