Recording Artist Getiey Releases New Music Video

Singer-Songwriter’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Weaves Story About Living in Unfair World

LONDON, UK – 6/24/2016 — Sri Lanka-born singer-songwriter Getiey is announcing the release of a new video single titled “I Don’t Care.” The video is now available for viewing worldwide here on YouTube.

“I Don’t Care,” released by Nelkard Records, is a song about how life is unfair to some people and how they might feel about it. The simple melody features a mellow keyboard track overlaid with gentle acoustic guitar and a looped drum track, all providing a melancholy backdrop for Getiey’s heartfelt vocals. The song is punctuated with a bright pop hook that infuses a musical sense of optimism into this song about life’s injustices. 

In the video, Getiey sings from a stool while the footage cuts to scenes of various unfair situations in different locations around the world. As the video draws to a close, a final message is driven home: At end of the day, we move on. “We don’t care.” 

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“I Don’t Care” was recorded at Nelkard Studios in early January. The audio was mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios in London.

“This is one of the best videos we have come across,” said Joe Simpson, spokesperson for Nelkard Records. “It’s simple but huge. It tells about the truth that we know but we never want to tell.”

Getiey’s music, including his new single “I Don’t Care,” can be downloaded on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.

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