Hardy Kitchenware Replinishes Stick of Professional Grade Baking Rack

Caroline Matheri, director of Hardy Kitchenware, announced that the company’s wire baking and cooling rack is again available on Amazon.com

The company’s professional grade kitchen essential proved to be very popular and quickly sold out. Available only on Amazon, the rack is appropriate for baking, broiling and cooking all types of foods. Highly versatile, it’s able to withstand direct, intense heat up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit and offers a double-duty accessory that can be placed on the racks of outdoor grills for additional cooking options.

We want to reassure everyone who asked about our baking rack that we have restocked and consumers can now purchase as many of the racks as they want,” said Matheri.

The company’s unique construction includes a cross-brace in the middle of the rack to prevent sagging, a common problem with many racks when holding heavy dishes. The cooling rack was created with smaller mesh than old-fashioned racks, allowing it to be used to cook and grill small vegetables and even bacon.

Hardy Kitchenware created its heavy-duty, commercial grade stainless steel rack with a non-stick design that’s dish-washer safe to ensure easy clean up even with baked on pie filling. The Cooling Rack measures 12×17-inches and is rust resistant for many years of service.

As a cooking rack, the device offers a stable surface that prevents baked goods from becoming lopsided and facilitates the free flow of heat and air under and around any item being prepared in the oven. The company’s specific design also creates optimum conditions for cooling cookies, cakes and pies that allow baked goods to cool quickly and evenly without worrying about condensation that results in mushy edges.

Hardy Kitchenware offers a 100 percent no questions asked refund policy for every baking and cooling rack, a guarantee that even exceeds Amazon’s. Consumers who order the kitchen rack receive a free downloadable cookbook with a variety of tips and recipes for bakers, cooks and grillers.

The restocking of the Hardy Kitchenware baking and cooling rack provides consumers around the world with the opportunity to experience the difference the company’s kitchen tool can make in their culinary endeavors. It’s equally appropriate for use in professional settings for baking, cooking and grilling that features a unique design that won’t bend, sag or warp.


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