Impossible Things trailer receives creeps out thousands of viewers within a month of its launch

The recently launched teaser trailer of the new movie Impossible Things has managed to scare thousands of viewers on Facebook. The almost a minute long trailer has gained great reviews from the audiences and garnered more than 10k followers to the Facebook page of the movie.

Jack Zhang, the producer of Impossible Things and the founder of Greenlight Essentials had created this movie which first of its kind movie to be ever made using augmented intelligent software from the ground up. The movie would prove to be a benchmark for the horror movie industry and the next step of human-computer collaboration in creating original content.

As soon as the trailer was launched in May 2016, it received hundreds comments from the viewers who seemed to be spooked and psyched to see the film. The trailer features a story about a family who just moved into a Victorian house after an ‘accident’ and right after they move the mother starts to have a vision about killing her daughter in the bathtub. In the same house, the clock starts to ring at 3.30 aim and three strokes of the piano start playing on their own. While the story moves to the classic ‘hardwood door creaking and shadowy figures moving around, the cinematography manages to instill fear among the viewer.

Jack Zhang has spent 5 years in developing an augmented intelligence software tool at his company Greenlight Essentials to help film industry professionals understand the audience demand using machine learning and big data algorithm. The software is currently in the market and provided to a few customers where it’s successfully working. With his movie project, Impossible Things, he aims to combine science and art in movie making. He has appointed a whole creative team that is working on the film with the help of software to make the most of it.

Unlike the traditional creative process in movie making, at Greenlight Essentials, they have first used the software and identified the factors that are most crucial to a horror genre’s audience and then with the help of a talented creative team they have combined these elements together to make a chilling horror story. The concept is said to be a new paradigm for filmmaking. The movie will soon be launching on Kickstarter to raise funds and reward the backers with perks such as original copies and physical copies of the film, and access to the Greenlight Essentials‘ software.  The trailer of the movie can be

Seen here and more information can also be found on their Facebook page.

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