New LIKE LED Lights Offer Enhanced Brightness at a Fraction of the Cost of Conventional Lighting

In 2015, American businesses used almost 258 billion kWh to light buildings and parking lots, or almost 20 percent of all commercial electricity usage. This is a tremendous expense for the country and for businesses, but it can be reduced by introducing high efficiency lighting systems such as the LIKE (LED Insert Kit Enterprises). The LIKE lighting system utilizing 72 watts of power produces more than 5,300 lumens of light—considerably more than conventional lights—while consuming only 20 percent of the energy that a halogen or incandescent light consumes. Not only does this brighter light provide a more secure and welcoming environment, but it saves almost $16 per light each month.

LIKE is designed to replace exterior parking lot shoebox lights, or building or ground oriented obsolete bulb lighting fixtures and is available with 5, 6, 7, 8 or 12 bulb fittings. The manufacturer, LIKE LLC is able to custom manufacture LIKE lights according to buyer specifications. Created with a rugged aluminum mounting plate which sheds heat and reflects light, LIKE is designed to remain operating even in the harshest environments. LIKE lights are guaranteed for FIVE years. It also does not attract insects! The product has been photometric tested to be low in heat and low in ultraviolet rays so insects including mosquitos are not attracted to the light from the LIKE.

The LIKE is maintenance free in that there is no lens to be cleaned routinely and no burnt out bulbs to replace. This saves a lot of money in the cost of replacing metal halite or Low Pressure Sodium bulbs which do not have a long life span. The LIKE uses a special LED moisture proof bulb that lasts for 50,000 hours or 5 years. Business complexes, sport or recreational facilities, hospitals and financial institutions will save thousands of dollars in the scheduled maintenance costs for routine bulb replacement and lens cleaning.

This amazing, cost-saving lighting system promises to revolutionize how businesses operate, but LIKE LLC needs your help to reach all of the businesses that could benefit from this product. LIKE LLC has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $5,000, funds necessary to market this promising product. In return for contributing to this campaign, you can receive valuable perks like a Thank You card or a video detailing safety precautions while parking and shopping at night. If you would like to see the LIKE LED Lighting system in operation, please visit the company website at : or Facebook page at To learn more about LIKE LED Lights or to make donation to this important project, please visit

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