Chen Haitao:The Key To Trading is Execution

When we learned fairly amount of theories, understood various techniques, why we still can not gain profit through trading? Why we losing money all the time? After all, the most important reason is you. The key problem is your capacity to execute. Such matter appears when you haven’t analyzed data in a right way, or you haven’t obey the trading rules, or you don’t have enough understanding on bigger picture which would result in your late reaction, etc.

Execution is defined as the ability you accomplish goals thoroughly and solving problems effectively. It is also a kind of discipline, is the foundation of strategy. Many outstanding men possess smart brain and exceptional intelligence. However the very few elites are the ones who understand how to execute. Knowing great ideological strategies and making big plans are not enough. The only way to success is to carry through strategies and plans thoroughly. This is what execution stands for. There is no success without execution. Everything is empty talk and delusion!

Executing is strategic but not tactic. The power of execution could only gained through practical practice. No one learn about executing by just thinking about it. One possible method to unite your knowledge and action is to combine your capacity in analyzing data and executing actions. This is the only way you could grow stronger! The key to any kinds of sufficient strategies is execution, it is the most necessary element if you want to do things right. It has to be the core in your trading. The reason why you couldn’t gain profit via transaction and wandering among endlessly defeats is your lack of decisive execution.

As for excellent traders, execution is not just the expression of one outstanding characteristic, but the combination and representation of various qualities. As a professional stock trader or investor, it’s not just about creating a trading system that suits yourself. You need to strictly follow your own system, which furthermore confirms the famous motto: Planning your trade, and trading your plan! It’s fairly easy to make a set of trading plans. However, the core is how to trade your plan, which is the way one examines the true standard of whether you are a professional trader or not, and the basis to decide whether you are a trader or not. Execution is the scale to judge whether one qualified for a professional trader. The one and only way you could understand execution is the endless strict self-improving practices in practical procedures. You have to train yourself until one day immediate and exact execution becomes your instinctive conditional reflex.

Execution decides your life or death within the trading market. Do not find yourself excuses for your wrong decisions. What wrong was wrong. Correct the mistake immediately! Anytime when the situation do not fit the condition to buy in, it’s the right timing to sell out.

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