Qui Hongfei:The Essence of Successful Traders

Traders are fairly flexible. They don’t have to deal with social relationship, nor rent a floor of expensive office in the center of the city. They don’t even need any customers at all. All they need is an internet cable and a computer, and get started on their trading life. They could live and work in any place around the world, leaving everything behind and just focusing on trading.

Many people dying for such kind of life. They want to be a trading king like Jesse Livermore. They want to become trading master like Xu Xiang, or trading genius like Liu Qiang (Legend in Chinese futures market). However, the ones who are really successful are rare and precious. The amateurs only knows about staring at the floating K lines days and nights. They observes millions Yuan jumping up and down, but couldn’t make one single decision in tearing hurry. At the time when they eventually decides to place an order, they starts to worry about losing money in fear and trembling. The major enemy of speculators usually hides inside themselves. Working as an amateur, when the market shows any disadvantaged signifies, they would pray that every day is the last day. Then they would blindly follow the guidance of “Hope” and “Greedy” without hesitate. It’s very difficult for them to accept their first loss. Therefore, at the end of the day, they would lose even more.

There is nothing new in stock market. Man has always been greedy, likewise the market keeps floating up and down. Just like any other industries, there are some basic characteristics shared among successful traders. The essential quality is being capable of clearly recognize the general trend of the market, and immediately executing necessary actions, trying to always stands on the same side with market. If you realize that you stands on the wrong side, you have to correct yourself directly. Seeing through the big picture and sufficiently reflect to the changes is the basic quality for all successful traders. The succeed in trade is based on how man comprehend the essence of technical analyze and strictly obey the rules. Among the marketing technical analyzations, trend is the core concept. The essential rules is to obey the disciplines.

For general traders like us, becoming a successful trader is not as easy as just following how those great men had down. We have to jump into the market and keep practice no matter what kind of difficulties stand in front of us. All trading techniques, trading disciplines or trading attitudes would increase within the process, fighting with and against the market. We could slowly get better knowing of ourselves along the way. At the same time, we would gain better control on the market. Our skills improves naturally in our reflection every time.

The trader’s path is so long that we won’t be able to see the end. We should give ourselves more time, likewise offering market more. It’s necessary to have a clearer self recognition and be able to exceed ourselves. At the end of the day, we would need to sincerely face the market and face ourselves. 



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